Hugh Jackman is Wolverine List

“I'm the best there is at what I do. But what I do isn't very nice…” Hugh Jackman was an unknown when he was cast as Wolverine, the lynch pin to the X-Men comic book and film universe. Over the course of an unprecedented eight films, Jackman made the role his own, and now he prepares to say goodbye to his adamantium claws in James Mangold's LOGAN.

Ordinary Horror List

In Jordan Peele's GET OUT, a young African-American man meets his Caucasian girlfriend's family for the first time at their mysterious, creepy family estate. While monsters, aliens, and zombies can be plenty scary, here are ten examples of horror lurking in what can be the most ordinary situations.

Love Against The Odds List

Love can be hard enough, even under the best of circumstances. Celebrate Valentine's Day by checking out these movie couples that faced very long odds in their quest to be (or stay) together.

Batman and His Amazing Friends List

In THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE, the self-serious, blocky version of the Dark Knight Detective from THE LEGO MOVIE gets his own adventure--except he's not alone! Not only is Robin the Boy Wonder along for the ride, so is the entire Justice League! While the Caped Crusader often professes to be a loner, here are some other silver screen adventures where Bats at least tries to work alongside other costumed avengers.

The Crowd Goes Wild! List

It's Super Bowl time again! Films about sports are numerous of course, but only a select few have focused their aim on the fans as much as the players on the field. Here are some films about the roar of the crowd, inside the stadium and out.

Gold! List

In GOLD, Matthew McConaughey plays Kenny Wells, a desperate prospector looking for a lucky break in his quest for gold. For over a century, movie characters have been risking life and limb to find those little shiny rocks, a trip that rarely ends well!

Big Business List

In the McDonald's bio-pic THE FOUNDER, Michael Keaton plays Ray Kroc, a struggling businessman who knew how to run with a good idea when he saw it...even if it wasn't his. President Calvin Coolidge once said "The business of America is business" here are ten films that show the dark side of that axiom.

Debbie Reynolds 1932-2016 List

Coming just one day after the death of her daughter Carrie Fisher, the world of entertainment was dealt another heartbreaking blow with the passing of screen legend Debbie Reynolds. Despite having no clue how to dance at the time, Reynolds kept pace with silver screen hoofers Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor in 1952's SINGIN' IN THE RAIN and into Hollywood immortality. Here's just a few examples of her unsinkable movie career.

Friday The 13th List

The second Friday of 2017 is Friday the 13th, a date synonymous with movie history. The original Friday the 13th film, released in 1980, was such a blockbuster that dozens, if not hundreds, followed the woodsy trail blazed by hockey-masked maniac Jason Voorhees. Here are thirteen films inspired by the unluckiest date on the calendar!

Carrie Fisher 1956- 2016 List

Actor, writer, princess, general: Carrie Fisher was a beloved icon to multiple generations of film fans. Always brutally, hilariously honest, the galaxy is a less interesting place without her in it.

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