Gold! List

In GOLD, Matthew McConaughey plays Kenny Wells, a desperate prospector looking for a lucky break in his quest for gold. For over a century, movie characters have been risking life and limb to find those little shiny rocks, a trip that rarely ends well!

Big Business List

In the McDonald's bio-pic THE FOUNDER, Michael Keaton plays Ray Kroc, a struggling businessman who knew how to run with a good idea when he saw it...even if it wasn't his. President Calvin Coolidge once said "The business of America is business" here are ten films that show the dark side of that axiom.

Debbie Reynolds 1932-2016 List

Coming just one day after the death of her daughter Carrie Fisher, the world of entertainment was dealt another heartbreaking blow with the passing of screen legend Debbie Reynolds. Despite having no clue how to dance at the time, Reynolds kept pace with silver screen hoofers Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor in 1952's SINGIN' IN THE RAIN and into Hollywood immortality. Here's just a few examples of her unsinkable movie career.

Friday The 13th List

The second Friday of 2017 is Friday the 13th, a date synonymous with movie history. The original Friday the 13th film, released in 1980, was such a blockbuster that dozens, if not hundreds, followed the woodsy trail blazed by hockey-masked maniac Jason Voorhees. Here are thirteen films inspired by the unluckiest date on the calendar!

Carrie Fisher 1956- 2016 List

Actor, writer, princess, general: Carrie Fisher was a beloved icon to multiple generations of film fans. Always brutally, hilariously honest, the galaxy is a less interesting place without her in it.

Robert Duvall and Diane Keaton List

Two legendary actors from the GODFATHER saga, Robert Duvall and Diane Keaton, celebrate birthdays on January 5. They were both on career upswings when they first appeared as members of the doomed Corleone family, but the film's massive success turned them both into superstars, leading to monumental careers that are still going to this day.

Actors Turned Directors List

Denzel Washington stars and directs FENCES, an adaptation of the Tony Award-winning play. This isn't the actor's first film as director, but it's certainly his most ambitious. Actors have been going behind the camera since the silent era sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Other times, an actor only has one or two passion projects in them, and then they go right back to acting. Here are just a few interesting examples of when actors turned directors.

Big Stars Outer Space List

Movie mega-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt star in PASSENGERS, playing two interstellar deep space travelers who accidentally(?) wake up decades before arriving at their destination. Nowadays, big time movie stars appear in sci-fi films all the time, but it wasn't always this way: for years Hollywood considered the genre kiddie fare, beneath the dignity of big Hollywood stars. Even with that, some actors at the height of their careers took a risk and flew off into space, here are a few out of this world examples!

The Star Wars Saga List

A new chapter in the Star Wars saga is written with ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY, which travels back to the events that took place just before that now-iconic crawl made its way up the screen in the very first STAR WARS. Here are trailers to all the official entries to the Star Wars canon which, like the galaxy itself, is ever-expanding...

Kirk Douglas at 100 List

Quite possibly the last man standing from the Golden Age of Hollywood, Kirk Douglas, who turns 100 on December 9, is a screen icon with a career almost unmatched in its breadth, depth, and quality. Not content to just being a handsome face, Douglas turned to producing his own material, giving a break to a little known filmmaker named Stanley Kubrick, as well as defying the Hollywood Blacklist by hiring (and crediting) screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. Here are just ten examples of the great Kirk Douglas' filmography, one for every decade of the man's extraordinary life.

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