Roger Moore 1927 - 2017 List

Roger Moore entered screen immortality when he assumed the mantle of super spy 007 James Bond in 1973's LIVE AND LET DIE, going on to play the role in six subsequent adventures. Impossibly handsome, charming, and debonair, he never seemed to take himself too seriously no matter what cinematic situations he found himself in. We raise a martini glass in tribute to the great Roger Moore.

Wonder Women List

After 75 years of fighting for truth and justice, DC Comics' Amazing Amazon stars (and stripes) in her own movie with WONDER WOMAN! While her fellow Super Friends Superman and Batman have been appearing in movies since the 1940s, Princess Diana (aka Diana Prince) had to wait until the 1970s before she started showing up in other media. Check out some of these previous adventures in anticipation of Wonder Woman finally getting to use her golden lasso on the silver screen!

The Rock of Ages List

Dwayne Johnson, aka as The Rock, hits the beach in BAYWATCH, a big screen version of the sun-soaked, slo-mo 90s TV show. Johnson rose to fame through professional wrestling, breaking into movies thanks to his unbelievable physique. It didn't take The Rock long to prove that he had movie star charisma to go along with the muscles, capable of tackling different genres. Now Dwyane Johnson is one of Hollywood's biggest stars, in more ways than one!

Return of the Franchise List

Author Thomas Wolfe famously wrote, "You can't go home again." But Wolfe never ran a movie studio, where returning to popular film franchises--sometimes even decades later--can mean big box office. In ALIEN: COVENANT, director Ridley Scott revisits the sci-fi world that sent his career into hyperspace with 1979's ALIEN. Here are some other notable examples of sequels that tried to extend their franchises for a new generation.

Jonathan Demme 1944-2017 List

One of the most diverse filmmakers of all time, Jonathan Demme, has passed away at age 73. Starting out as a protege to legendary producer Roger Corman, Demme went on to win a Best Director Oscar for his white-knuckle film adaptation of THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, which lodged its way into the popular culture and has never left. Whether it was comedy, drama, thrillers, horror, or documentaries, Demme made contributions to the art of film that will never be forgotten.

All That Glitters is Goldie List

Screen legend Goldie Hawn ends a fifteen-year absence from movies with SNATCHED, where she and Amy Schumer play a mother and daughter who go on a vacation getaway but find themselves over their heads in trouble. Hawn won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her first movie, 1969's CACTUS FLOWER. For three decades she was a major box office star, turning the silver screen into gold!

Marvel Universe List

Unequaled in its scope and ambition, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has, in a little over a decade, transformed secondary and tertiary characters from the pages of Marvel Comics into major movie stars. Case in point, the Guardians of the Galaxy, who return in VOLUME 2 for more adventures and groovy tunes! Here they are alongside the big guns of the Marvel Universe, whom they now stand shoulder-to-shoulder with.

Future Tech List

In THE CIRCLE, Emma Watson lands a job at a powerful tech company (led by Tom Hanks), which has a nefarious plan to take the concept of social media to another level. Movies have been predicting what our technology will look like for decades, sometimes with frightening accuracy. Would you be willing to beta test any of this future tech?

Annie Hall at 40 List

April 20, 1977 saw the release of Annie Hall, a "nervous romance" that cut deep on the subject of love while also being hysterically funny. It won four Oscars, including Best Picture (beating out a little movie called STAR WARS), and it's the film that marks when Woody went from funny man to cinematic genius. On the occasion of its 40th birthday, here are the other films from what many critics say was the most creatively potent period in Allen's legendary career.

Hot Wheels List

Vin Diesel and crew are back in THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS, the eighth(!) installment of the turbo-charged Fast and the Furious franchise. Movies and the automobile have been part of the American landscape for roughly the same amount of time, but it wasn't until the introduction of the Interstate Highway System in the 1950s that Hollywood really started to floor it. Here are ten movies about the deep connection between man and machine.

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