Aberford (2017)



Description: Strong, well-rounded female leads? Check. Fast, dangerous zombies? Check. Fluid, dynamic combat? Check. 1950's style and social issues? Check and check. Aberford is the game about a group of women trapped in the post WWII American Dream: a triumph of modernism, prosperity, and sexism. But when a mysterious virus drives the men of Aberford into a dangerous, rabid state, it's up Betty, Peggy, Doris, and Sylvia to fight for their lives and save their town. Play through the main campaign as our heroines struggle to keep themselves alive and find the source of the zombie plague. Or grab your co-slayers and fight waves of the undead in a fun multiplayer mode. Aberford is a stylish blend of gripping story and exciting gameplay because that's the kind of game we like to play.

Genre: Adventure

Platforms: PC

Studio: Sketchy Panda Games

Rating: Game Rating

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