Beyond Flesh And Blood (2016)



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Description: Space is Easy. Prepare for Earth. Ethan Cunningham is an engineer from the United Global Remnant: the very last survivors of humanity. The year is 2281 and military grade VR is the only way back to Earth, 80 years after a Global War for resources forced decent society to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere. Space is safe but rumours of aliens, terrorists and a meteorite strike finally conscript Ethan away from the UGR Astralis orbital colony. He must pilot a series of increasingly advanced Tactical Frames alongside the UGR. They are used to hack the security, identify enemies, and destroy all hostile scavenger forces. But Ethan's first real task is to survive dystopia and go Beyond Flesh and Blood: HUNT the secrets of a dark and hostile 23rd century world. REVIVE the comms between UGR Astralis. DESTROY anything that gets in your way. …So put on your headset. You have 24 hours.

Release Date: 9/6/2016

Genre: Shooting

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Studio: Pixel Bomb Games

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United States Game Release 9/6/2016

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