Cataegis: The White Wind (2015)



Description: Welcome to Cataegis - The White Wind: Ziggurat Chapter, a frantic 2D arcade action retro-style game that pays homage to the glory days of 8-bit side scrolling gaming. Inspired by the arcade classic 'Strider', play as Cataegis, enforcer for the ‘Order of Caeliger’, taking on the self-proclaimed deity ‘Ishtar’ and her followers in war for the future of Earth. With a combination of agile movements and an arsenal of weapons at your disposal (including double jumps, sliding and dual wielding weapons), face your foes toe to toe and battle your way to victory! Key features: - Classic old school side-scrolling gameplay - Retro soundtrack - Fast and fluid gameplay with a myriad of techniques and varied weapons - Gorgeous pixel art cinematics - Unlock art and background information on the game - An engaging storyline - Over 20 endings available based on the choices you make in the game - Includes Steam cards and achievements

Release Date: 9/25/2015

Genre: Action

Platforms: PC

Studio: Kiss LTD

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Country Release Type Date
United States Game Release 9/25/2015

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