Comet Crash (2009)



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Description: Comet Crash revolutionizes "tower defense" strategy games by placing control back into the hands of players through an added layer of thrilling offensive gameplay. In Comet Crash, a group of planetary scientists have detected a fleet of deadly comets streaking toward your home world. It’s up to you to land on each comet and battle the alien forces controlling each one to save your world from destruction. Players must gather a precious resource known as Thorium to build structures and base defenses to thwart the ongoing rush of alien forces. Using the alien’s own technology against them, players can build massive armies of their own to take the fight to the enemy. Instead of simply playing a defensive role, players can use as variety of specialized units and structures to launch offensive campaigns to push the enemy back for good.

Release Date: 4/2/2009

Genre: Strategy

Platforms: Playstation 3

Studio: Pelfast

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Country Release Type Date
United States Game Release 4/2/2009

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