Death End Re Quest (2018)



Description: World’s Odyssey blended inspired, fantasy-based RPGs of the past with the splendor of modern technology. It put its developer, Enigma, on the cusp of industry notoriety. Just when the game’s hype was reaching critical mass, its director, Shina Ninomiya, went missing, ceasing development on what seemed to be the most promising game of the decade. A year after the halt on development, the game suddenly resurfaced—albeit, as a grotesque version of its former self. Inside the game, corruption took many forms. Sometimes, as bug-shaped monsters lurking for prey. Other times, as an NPC, flirting too closely to the human touch. Everything was being turned upside down...

Genre: RPG

Platforms: PlayStation 4

Studio: Idea Factory International

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Rating: Game Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
Japan Game Release 10/12/2018

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