Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (2010)



Tags: djinn, golden sun, weyard

Description: An epic adventure awaits in the game Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, the newest chapter in the Golden Sun series. The immense power of the Golden Sun has changed the world of Weyard, shifting continents and giving birth to new countries and even new species. What begins as a simple journey to rescue a friend asking for help in the woods turns into a dramatic quest to save the world from catastrophe as you are drawn into a world full of magical energy called Psynergy and elemental creatures called Djinn. This new generation of heroes must even unravel the mystery behind Psynergy Vortexes that are spreading across the world and sucking away all the elemental Psynergy from Weyard.

Genre: RPG

Platforms: Nintendo DS

Studio: Camelot

Rating: Game Rating

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