Hitman Go (2014)



Tags: square enix, montreal

Description: Hitman GO is a turn-based strategy game where you will strategically navigate fixed spaces on a grid to avoid enemies, infiltrate well-guarded locations and take out your target on beautifully rendered diorama-style set pieces. You really have to think about each move and all the Hitman tools of the trade you would expect are included disguises distractions, sniper rifles and even 47’s iconic Silverballers. Developed by Square Enix Montreal, Hitman GO is set to arrive soon on mobile.

Release Date: 5/12/2016

Genre: Strategy

Platforms: iOS, Android, PSVita, PlayStation 4, PC

Studio: Square Enix

Rating: Game Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States Game Release 2/23/2016
United States Game Release 6/4/2014
United States Game Release 4/17/2014
United States Game Release 5/12/2016

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