Jupiter And Mars (2018)



Tags: jupiter, plastic, ocean, plastic pollution

Description: ?Jupiter & Mars, are inspired by topics like climate change and plastic pollution. We’re not going to hit you over the head with overt messaging, or trip into the realm of edutainment. Instead, we’re taking modern, ecological concerns and designing cutting-edge games around these scenarios in the hopes of creating thought-provoking game worlds that simply inspires players to wonder “Could this happen?” Everywhere you look are sunken remnants of mankind’s past, populated by sea creatures big and small, and illuminated by evolved lifeforms that have assimilated into their being centuries worth of chemicals, plastics, metals and everything else humans have dumped in the oceans. While the world’s oceans have begun to reclaim and restore themselves, some particularly stubborn remnants of mankind’s technological past still remain. It’s up to our heroes, Jupiter and Mars, two evolved dolphins (one player-controlled, the other your hybrid player-controlled/AI partner) to make things right.

Genre: Adventure

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Playstation VR

Studio: Tigerton Games

Offical Website: https://www.tigertron.eco/jam

Rating: Game Rating

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