Kings Of Kung Fu: Masters Of The Art (2015)



Tags: martial arts, jeet kune do

Description: Kings of Kung Fu: Masters of the Art is a passion project that pays homage to martial arts cinema. Now for the first time ever you can see many of your favorite movie fighting styles in one game. Experience Jeet Kune Do style vs Drunken Boxing or Shaolin Hung Gar style vs Wing Chun – the possibilities are endless. Inspired by classic Kung Fu films, Kings of Kung Fu promises hours of great game play and intense multiplayer competition. Players take on the roles of stuntmen to the legends of kung fu movies out to prove they have what it takes to not only stand in for the biggest stars the silverscreen has ever seen but that their respective style of martial arts is unmatched by any other.

Genre: Fighting

Platforms: PC

Studio: Digital Tribe Games

Rating: Game Rating

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