Mega Man Zero Collection (2010)



Tags: mega man

Description: In Mega Man ® Zero, our hero, Zero, is finally awoken after being asleep for 100 years. He finds himself in a world of turmoil where innocent reploids are being persecuted by the government of Neo Arcadia. Reploids who have managed to escape persecution flee to an old city which now lies in ruins. Led by a genius scientist named Ciel, Zero joins the resistance group to help combat the government of Neo Arcadia, ultimately saving the innocent reploids. A year after saving the reploids and stopping the government of Neo Arcadia, in Mega Man® Zero 2, our hero, Zero, is once again being hunted by Neo Arcadia. They set out a trap for Zero and plan on tricking him to cause havoc between the reploids and humans. Caught in the midst of all this, Zero must stop Neo Arcadia again. But can he succeed?

Release Date: 6/8/2010

Genre: Action

Platforms: Nintendo DS

Studio: Capcom

Rating: Game Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States Game Release 6/8/2010

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