Mutant Mudds Super Challenge: Ps4, Psvita, And Steam Launch Trailer (2016)



Description: Renegade Kid’s beloved muddy platformer is back with a brand-new game – Mutant Mudds™ Super Challenge – featuring a host of exciting, fresh platforming challenges and boss fights, for super players! Max receives special intel, revealing the location of the original meteor impact site – showing that mutant mudds are still being spawned from it! Max sets out from a secret hideout in the jungle to locate the meteor and destroy it for good! Run, jump, and hover your way across five unique world themes, featuring all-new vibrant artwork and sublime chiptune music. Defy the laws of the second dimension by leaping between foreground and background layers, while blasting the mutant mudd monsters with your trusty water cannon. Utilize helpful power-ups to traverse tricky obstacles and gain access to secret doorways to special levels.

Release Date: 7/26/2016

Genre: Adventure

Studio: Renegade Kid

Offical Website:

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States Game Release 3/17/2016
United States Game Release 7/26/2016

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