Pac-Man Championship Edition Dx Plus (2010)



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Description: PAC-MAN Championship Edition™ DX is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed titles in the classic maze-running action series with giving the console version of the game a 10/10 along with an Editor’s Choice award. Its mobile debut features frantically addicting gameplay that can be enjoyed in short bursts for a thrilling and authentic arcade experience on the move. Players will use quick reflexes and power-ups to gobble up pellets, ghosts, and achieve high scores on the leaderboards over five separate game modes, 10 unique zone layouts, and 132 stages. PAC-MAN Championship Edition™ DX comes alive with the same electric visual and sound design introduced in the console editions of the game.

Release Date: 11/17/2010

Genre: Arcade

Studio: Bandai Namco Games

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States Game Release 7/23/2015
United States Game Release 11/17/2010

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