Planet Of Heroes (2017)



Tags: hero

Description: The Devourer, a galactic being of immeasurable power, sleeps deep in the bowels of the Ritual Planet, imprisoned there by the mighty Forerunners. But it stirs in its sleep and if awakened would spell disaster for the galaxy. But emanations of nearby battle seem to keep the Devourer asleep as it feeds upon primal emotions: rage, blood lust, and the thrill of victory. To feed the Devourer, an arena is built on Ritual Planet and the newly formed Order of Heroes is charged to battle eternally. Its members -- soldiers, rebels, poets, criminals and scientists ceaselessly battle through day and night, season after season and year after year. In their endless effort lies fortune and fame...and the only hope for the galaxy.

Release Date: 1/18/2017

Genre: Action

Platforms: iOS, Android


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United States Game Release 1/18/2017

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