Project X Zone 2 (2015)



Description: When a rift in time and space suddenly appears, a doorway to various universes is opened allowing both heroes and villains from different worlds to cross paths. Players will be able to take control of a massive selection of heroes including favourites such as Jin and Xiaoyu (TEKKEN), Toma and Cyrille (Shining Force EXA), to X and Zero (Mega Man X) and discover the cause of the rift and stop evil from coming through and spreading into their world.

Release Date: 2/16/2016

Genre: Strategy

Platforms: Nintendo 3DS

Studio: Bandai Namco Games

Rating: Game Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States Game Release 2/16/2016
Europe Game Release 2/12/2016
Japan Game Release 11/12/2015

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