Sadame (2014)



Description: Choose from the sword-wielding Samurai the ranged and stealthy Ninja the spell-slinging Monk or the enchanting witchery of the Rogue. Each of the four playable heroes has a distinct story and gameplay style with their own abilities and skills to explore and enhance. However, as loot is shared between multiple save files and previously created heroes can be set to assist new ones in battle – not to mention the branching paths offered by the story – Sadame offers a huge amount of replay value.

Release Date: 2/25/2016

Genre: RPG

Platforms: Nintendo 3DS

Studio: Rising Star Japan

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Rating: Game Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States Game Release 2/25/2016
Europe Game Release 2/25/2016
Japan Game Release 12/17/2014

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