Scivelation (2017)



Description: We all knew the end was coming... but when it finally did, the world wasn't prepared. Good and Evil became more than just ideas. They became the banners we fought under, that we lived and loved and died under. We always assumed there would be a victor - that the light would conquer the darkness or that we would die trying. No one ever predicted they would annihilate each other... but they did. And the world was left in ruin. From those ashes rose the Regime, a world government hell-bent on taking control of every last human life. Their aim is power, and they will corrupt and exploit every living soul to meet that end. But not all will fall in line - there are those who would resist, refuse with their dying breath to synchronize their steps with those of tyranny and authority. They are known as the resistance. They are the old believers cast out of Paradise, the ones who still see value in freedom and life. And their time is coming. They bide their hours stockpiling weapons and training hard for the day when they will rise anew. ... For soon, it shall be upon us.

Genre: Shooting

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Studio: Top Ware Interactive

Rating: Game Rating

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