The Bug Butcher (2016)



Description: Meet Harry laser junky, gluten addict, and exterminator extraordinaire. When a refrigerator-sized mass of slime and teeth is wriggling out of your drain, Harry is the best there is. It's you versus merciless waves of bugs, blasting them into smaller and smaller chunks, splattering the ceiling with a hot mess of juicy entrails and avoiding whatever the heck just splurted out of that thing's, erm… orifice. Take on 30 levels of unyielding bug assaults, or feel the soft and fuzzy power of friendship in endless co-op. Customize your duds and upgrade your arsenal to cut through bugs like soft, oh-so-deliciously warm butter.

Release Date: 1/19/2016

Genre: Shooting

Platforms: PC

Studio: Awfully Nice Studios

Rating: Game Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States Game Release 1/19/2016

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