The Clique: Diss And Make Up (2009)



Tags: nintendo, nintendo ds

Description: The Clique: Diss and Make Up for Nintendo DS promises fans new adventures with their favorite characters as they work up the social ladder to join the ultimate clique, The Pretty Committee. This interactive game rated E10 is available for Nintendo DS and is complete with fun fashions, cool classes, after school "Jobbies" and all the latest gossip! The game also takes players to a new hi-tech level by wirelessly connecting with their real-life clique using BFF mode. This mode enables two players to trade character information and send messages, all while unlocking secret gossip in the game. Playing as the new girl on campus, fans can customize their character to represent their own unique style.

Release Date: 8/25/2009

Genre: RPG

Platforms: Nintendo DS

Studio: Warner Bros. Interactive

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Country Release Type Date
United States Game Release 8/25/2009

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