The Conduit (2009)



Tags: wii, first-person shooter, conduit, high voltage, wii speak, ford

Description: After a full-scale alien attack on Washington D.C., suspicions arise as to the involvement of the U.S. government. Armed with sci-fi gadgets and high-powered weapons, players will battle aliens, rouge agents and enemy forces as a former secret service agent codenamed "Mr. Ford." Built exclusively for Wii, The Conduit pushes the boundaries of the platform from incredible award-winning graphics to robust controls that are customizable on-the-fly. This action-packed, first-person shooter from the creators at High Voltage Software also supports the Wii Speak peripheral.

Release Date: 6/23/2009

Genre: First-Person Shooter

Platforms: Wii

Studio: Sega

Rating: Game Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States Game Release 6/23/2009

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