The Original Strife: Veteran's Edition (2014)



Tags: great power

Description: In The Original Strife: Veteran Edition, you are cast into a dark future where a religious brotherhood called The Order rules supreme. You must face an army of cyborgs who convert humans to swell their ranks. As part of the rebel forces, you must collect and assemble all the pieces of The Sigil, an artifact of great power. With The Sigil, you must defeat the leaders of The Order, including The Programmer, The Bishop, and The Loremaster. But will The Sigil prove powerful enough to defeat the force behind The Order, the mysterious being known as The Entity?

Release Date: 12/12/2014

Genre: RPG

Platforms: PC

Studio: Night Dive Studios

Rating: Game Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States Game Release 12/12/2014

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