The Silver Lining (2010)



Tags: twin

Description: When the joyous wedding of Princess Rosella and Prince Edgar of Etheria turns tragic after a mysterious cloaked figure places a curse on Rosella and her twin brother King Alexander, it’s up to their father King Graham to don his adventurer’s cap once again to save them. As he searches for answers, he uncovers shadows and mysteries, from their pasts, dark secrets about his true love and wife Queen Valanice, and whispers of a thousand-year-old prophecy. Can Graham find the courage he needs to save his family?

Release Date: 9/18/2010

Genre: Adventure

Platforms: PC

Studio: Phoenix Online Studios

Rating: Game Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States Game Release 2/17/2011
United States Game Release 8/10/2010
United States Game Release 9/18/2010
Anguilla Game Release 11/6/2011

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