Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet (2015)



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Description: GensoRondo for the PlayStation®4 is a remastered shoot ‘em up that takes place in the Touhou universe. Select from 10 playable girls and dive straight into bullet-hell! Reminiscent of a fighting game, GensoRondo takes the traditional shoot’em up genre and infuses it with a 1v1 battle scenario, allowing for a unique gameplay experience. Learn more about the Touhou characters in Story Mode as you progress through the game, blasting your opponent with a barrage of beautiful bullets.

Release Date: 9/6/2016

Genre: Fighting

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC

Studio: NIS America

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Rating: Game Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States Game Release 9/6/2016
United Kingdom Game Release 9/9/2016
Japan Game Release 6/11/2015

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