A Man With A Guarantee Trailer (2013)



Tags: security, security guard

Description: In one famous shopping center an unusual person works as the security guard. He helps everybody: sellers of fashionable clothes, cleaners and barmen in cafeteria. He knows everybody and everything, and everyone knows and loves him! He doesn't only work here, but also leads full-fledged life — he dresses free of charge, eats at restaurants, sleeps in a furniture department and participates in night races on floor polishers. Actually, he has a mysterious dream for which realization he saves money on a "salary" bank card. One day a trainee appears in his life. He has to teach her everything what he is capable of. Their relations gradually start to develop into friendship. Well, friendship between a man and a woman is a very specific thing, romanticism is nearby! However, he doesn't know one important detail: his "colleague" is the owner of the shopping center.

Genre: Comedy

Studio: Russian World Vision

Rating: Movie Rating

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