All Is Well Trailer (2015)



Tags: dysfunctional family

Description: This is a story where an entire family is on the run, being chased by goons. It's a dysfunctional family and everyone has their own set of issues with each other - waiting to be confronted. The journey becomes a tool for them to confront each other and their issues. They fight with each other, they understand each other's point of views, and they get to know things about each other that they never knew. Umesh Shukla’s “ALL IS WELL” is a journey of fun, realization, values and confusion where happiness does prevail. The film tackles a thorny issue with a social message similar to Shukla's previous film OMG – Oh My God!

Genre: Comedy

Studio: B4U Films

Rating: Movie Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
Pakistan Theatrical Wide Release 8/21/2015
India Theatrical Wide Release 8/21/2015
United States Theatrical Limited Release 8/21/2015
Australia Theatrical Limited Release 7/3/2015

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