Arn: The Knight Templar Trailer (2010)



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Description: In a land of brave knights, powerful queens and treacherous kings, Arn (Joakim Natterqvist), a skilled swordsman, is sent off to war as a Knight Templar as a penance for his sins. Separated from his one true love Cecilia (Sofia Helin) by a jealous nobleman, Arn must battle a cruel and violent world to survive.

Genre: Action-Adventure

Studio: E1 Entertainment

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Rating: Movie Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States DVD/Blu-ray Release 10/12/2010
United States DVD/Blu-ray Release 2/12/2013
United States DVD/Blu-ray Release 6/3/2014
Germany DVD/Blu-ray Release 2/20/2009

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