Behold The Lamb Trailer (2011)



Tags: bird, eddie, ulster

Description: In an attempt to save the neck of his junkie son Joe, Eddie (Nigel O’Neill) agrees to do a mysterious pick up with the help of Joe’s girlfriend Liz. The two head off across mid Ulster and eventually find themselves in possession of a lamb. En-route they fumble their way through a series of comic, tragic and disturbing adventures; Liz, struggling with her own drug addiction, crippling sensitivity and desire to connect with her disabled son who lives with foster parents. Eddie, an overweight and depressed ex accountant does his best to assume the role of a drug trafficker but his constant cradling of the lamb and love of bird watching doesn’t do a lot for his tough guy image. In between moments of unexpected heroism and unlikely sightings of birds, Eddie’s dysfunctional humanity connects with Liz’s tortured past and a kind of healing begins…

Genre: Drama

Studio: Vanguard Cinema

Rating: Movie Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States DVD/Blu-ray Release 11/27/2012

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