Belgica Trailer (2016)



Description: Belgica is the story of two brothers: charismatic and temperamental Frank - a husband, father, and incurable womaniser - and his ambitious-but-green younger brother Jo, who owns a bar called Belgica. They become business partners and they quickly transform Belgica into the place for great music, beautiful people, and debauched fun - until they learn that running a business on this scale is more complicated than they realised, and their relationship and personal lives suffer. Belgica is an immersive experience of the excess and euphoria of being in the hottest nightclub in town. Set to the eclectic sounds of acclaimed Belgian band Soulwax, the film shows the brothers’ intoxicating ascent to success - and the crash and burn that follows. Belgica is about living in the moment and realising that moving forward is not only inevitable but necessary.

Release Date: 5/12/2016

Genre: Drama

Studio: Kinepolis Film Distribution

Rating: Movie Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States Theatrical Wide Release 5/12/2016
Estonia Theatrical Wide Release 10/14/2016
Brazil Theatrical Wide Release 4/21/2016
Hungary Theatrical Wide Release 8/11/2016
Belgium Theatrical Wide Release 3/2/2016
Netherlands Theatrical Wide Release 3/10/2016
Poland Theatrical Wide Release 10/7/2016
France Theatrical Wide Release 3/2/2016
Greece Theatrical Wide Release 10/20/2016
Germany Theatrical Wide Release 5/5/2016

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