Bobby Sands: 66 Days Trailer (2016)

Director: Brendan Byrne   Cast: Martin McCann



Tags: northern ireland

Description: In the spring of 1981, Ireland was brought to a standstill as it witnessed an intense struggle between an invisible man, locked in a prison cell, and the might of the British Government. Over 66 days, Bobby Sands’ hunger strike caused a ripple effect across the globe. Telling the factual story of Sands’ life for the first time, this unique film sets out how he became the architect of his own destiny and describes how his own personal story became overshadowed by his death, as he ascended into the ranks of international icon status. Drawing on first-hand testimony, previously unseen archive footage, sparing reconstructions and evocative animation, Bobby Sands: 66 Days powerfully captures a seismic event that rocked a Government – unifying the myriad threads of Northern Ireland’s complex 25-year conflict through one single overarching story – the legacy of which we continue to live with today.

Genre: Documentary

Studio: Fine Point Films

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