Burg Schreckenstein 2 Trailer (2017)



Tags: china

Description: It is time again: Schreckenstein and Rosenfels overlap with the annual competitions at the Kapellsee with elaborate sabotage acts. But shortly before the end, the Graf's zeppelin crashes! Although Count Schreckenstein saves himself at the last second, he now has to spend several weeks in the hospital- and is financially ruined. The representative of the count, his cousin Kuno, sees the sale of the castle to, Chinese entrepreneur, Wang the only solution. The guys realize that the Schreckenstein castle is to be relocated to China to become part of a medieval theme park. However, Diener Jean believes in saving the Schreckenstein Castle and wants to search for the forgotten treasure in the castle courtyard. Myth - or reality? The guys get to the bottom of the riddle - with energetic support from the girls of Schloss Rosenfels ...

Genre: Action-Adventure

Studio: Concorde Filmverleih

Rating: Movie Rating

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