Courier From Paradise Trailer (2013)



Tags: god, heaven, spoon

Description: There is a legend. A man came to God and asked for - show me heaven and hell. God brought man into a large room where there was a richly laid table, and there were people around. But they did not eat anything because there were very long spoon handle. People suffered and died from starvation. "This is hell!" - The man exclaimed. God then took him to another room where there was exactly the same table and people were sitting around too. And they were the same spoons with long handles. But they had fun and were happy. "What's the difference?" - Surprised man. "Look at this. In the first room, people want to feed themselves, and in the second they feed each other. Heaven and Hell have the same structure. The difference - in the people themselves."

Genre: Drama

Studio: Sony Pictures Releasing International

Rating: Movie Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
Russia Theatrical Wide Release 11/28/2013

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