Dallas Buyers Club Trailer (2013)



Tags: texas, ron woodroof, ron, jean-marc vallee

Description: Spirit Award winner Matthew McConaughey portrays real-life Texas electrician Ron Woodroof, an ordinary man who found himself in a life-or-death battle with the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies. In 1985, Ron was blindsided by being diagnosed as H.I.V.-positive and given 30 days to live. Ron grabbed hold of non-toxic alternative treatments from all over the world by means both legal and illegal. Seeking to avoid government sanctions against selling non-approved medicines and supplements, he established a “buyers club,” which fellow H.I.V.-positive people could join for access to his supplies.

Genre: Drama

Studio: Focus Features

Offical Website: http://www.dallasbuyersclub.com

Rating: Movie Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United Kingdom Theatrical Wide Release 2/7/2014
Brazil Theatrical Wide Release 2/21/2014
Spain Theatrical Wide Release 3/14/2014
France Theatrical Wide Release 1/29/2014
Italy Theatrical Wide Release 1/30/2014
Germany Theatrical Wide Release 2/20/2014
United States Theatrical Limited Release 11/1/2013
Canada Theatrical Limited Release 11/1/2013
United States DVD/Blu-ray Release 2/4/2014

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