Deep Green Trailer (2010)



Tags: al gore, inconvenient truth, matthew briggs, global warm

Description: Almost every time we use energy, we burn carbon. Every time we burn carbon, we heat up the atmosphere. It's a dirty fact that Global Warming cannot be stopped as long as fossil fuels run our planet. In 2006, Al Gore's Oscar-winning motion picture, "An Inconvenient Truth," took us into the heart of the problem. Based on years of intensive research, "Deep Green" reveals the solutions as we accompany filmmaker Matthew Briggs on an epic journey to uncover the best people with the best ideas, strategies and cutting-edge technologies to reverse man-made global warming in time. Inspired and inspiring, "Deep Green" will leave you believing we can fix this-if we go deep green now.

Genre: Documentary

Studio: Deep Green Films

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United States DVD/Blu-ray Release 6/22/2010

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