Demain: Il Piano Quinquennale (Italian) (2015)



Tags: india

Description: Tomorrow follows Laurent and Dion as they travel around the world to follow people offering concrete and simple solutions to resolve environmental and social challenges faced by all. Shortly after giving birth to her first child, Laurent became increasingly aware of the eco-dangers and the state of urgency that her son will face in the future. Laurent and Dion, and their crew, decided to travel to 10 countries to investigate what could cause such disasters and find ways to prevent it. Tomorrow is structured around the filmmakers’ meetings with people who have developed practical schemes to face environmental and social challenges in search of solutions that can help save the next generations. The result is an inspiring documentary that presents concrete solutions implemented throughout the world by hundreds of communities. From the US to the UK and through Finland and India, they traveled together to visit permaculture farms, urban agriculture projects and community-owned renewable initiatives to highlight people making a difference in the fields of food, energy, finance, democracy and education. Their common ideas and examples make Tomorrow one of the most essential and unexpectedly inspirational viewing experiences of our time.

Release Date: 4/21/2017

Genre: Documentary

Studio: Mars Distribution

Rating: Movie Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States Theatrical Wide Release 4/21/2017
Mexico Theatrical Wide Release 8/26/2016
Spain Theatrical Wide Release 4/29/2016
Sweden Theatrical Wide Release 10/14/2016
Belgium Theatrical Wide Release 1/6/2016
Netherlands Theatrical Wide Release 4/21/2016
Finland Theatrical Wide Release 5/13/2016
Denmark Theatrical Wide Release 8/11/2016
Poland Theatrical Wide Release 12/25/2015
France Theatrical Wide Release 12/2/2015
Taiwan Theatrical Wide Release 11/25/2016
Italy Theatrical Wide Release 10/6/2016
Portugal Theatrical Wide Release 7/21/2016
Japan Theatrical Wide Release 12/23/2016
Germany Theatrical Wide Release 6/2/2016
Colombia Theatrical Limited Release 8/11/2016
United States DVD/Blu-ray Release 4/17/2018

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