Discreet Trailer (2009)



Tags: thomas, promiscuity, monique

Description: Monique, a high class escort, has always been able to give her clients exactly what they want, while clean cut Thomas has always been exactly what everyone has expected. But tonight Thomas' curiosity is going to get the better of him while demanding of Monique the one thing she's reclutant to offer. Honesty costs more. In a society that promotes sexual promiscuity and where true honesty is a rare commodity, Monique and Thomas take the audience on a funny, poignant and brutal journey of self-examination.

Genre: Drama

Studio: Green Apple Entertainment

Offical Website: http://www.discreetthemovie.com/Home.html

Rating: Movie Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States DVD/Blu-ray Release 5/24/2011
United States DVD/Blu-ray Release 7/12/2011

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