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Description: A romantic, warm, dramatic retelling of an epic true-life love story that until now has been little known outside of Canada. It’s a story that begins with Catharine Robb (played by charming Canadian screen newcomer Julie Lynn Mortensen), a wealthy young debutante who’s just come of marriageable age in mid-1920s Massachusetts. Catharine has every expectation of maturing into a pillar of her community as a northeastern blue-blood. After all, she’s had marital overtures from no less a financial giant than John D. Rockefeller III—at the time one of the wealthiest men in the world. But to the chagrin of her society-minded mother, Edith (acclaimed Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Kate Mulgrew), Catharine’s life plans are upended after she enrolls, at age 19, in a Boston art school. There she meets a 20-year-old Banff-born painter by the name of Peter Whyte (embodied soulfully by Banff native Juan Riedinger)-and as their attraction grows, it sets them on a tumultuous journey into a life of artistic and domestic adventure unlike anything Catharine had imagined for herself. Along the way they’re helped by a kindly fellow artist, Carl Rungius (Golden Globe winner Rutger Hauer), who takes Peter under his wing, and feisty Scotswoman Jean Caird (Kristin Griffith), the Robb family housekeeper and Catharine’s chaperone, who must ultimately choose between first loyalty to Catharine’s mother or to Catharine herself.

Genre: Drama

Studio: M.Y.R.A. Entertainment

Offical Website: http://myraentertainment.com/projects/drawing-home/

Rating: Movie Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States Theatrical Limited Release 12/1/2017
United States Theatrical Limited Release 12/22/2017

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