Forever And A Day Trailer (1943)



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Description: This wonderful romantic-adventure yarn tells of Britain's epochal struggles to retain the integrity of an empire and the freedom of her people by tracing the quaint history of a picturesque London mansion, its illustrious builder and his descendants from the Napoleonic period through the ravages of time and world-shattering conflicts until the days of the Nazi blitz. It showcases the talents of some of the most brilliant writers, performers and directors in the business and is absolutely crammed with funny bits of business. One of the most hilarious concerns the family who lived in the house during the late 19th-eentury. Ever the young modern, the wife engages a Dickensian Inventor (Sir Cedric Hardwicke) and his helper (Buster Keaton) to install Hardwicke's latest invention, an enormous cast-iron bathtub. Her husband comes home and demands they rip it out and gets himself embroiled in a three-way argument with his wife and Hardwicke as to whether the thing stays or goes while Keaton schleps up and down stairs with the tub on his back as the argument moves from "take it out" to "put it back this instant!" and back again. RKO Radio Pictures USA.

Genre: Drama

Studio: Cohen Media Group

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United States DVD/Blu-ray Release 11/3/1998

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