Himmelverbot Trailer (2015)

Director: Andrei Schwartz   Cast: Gavriel Hrib



Tags: romania

Description: Gavriel Hrib, condemned to life in prison for committing two murders, was freed after 20 years of incarceration due to Romania's admittance to the EU in 2007 – a big surprise, especially for Gavriel Hrib. His struggle mirrors Romania’s difficult balancing act between EU integration and economic collapse. A film about a man and a country who dare to take a leap of faith.

Genre: Documentary

Studio: W-Film

Offical Website: http://himmelverbot.wfilm.de/

Rating: Movie Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
Romania Theatrical Wide Release 3/19/2015
Germany Theatrical Wide Release 8/13/2015

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