Joseph Pulitzer: Voice Of The People Trailer (2018)



Description: Pulitzer's story - that of an immigrant from Hungary, and a Civil War recruit, followed by his transformation first in St. Louis and then in New York into one of America's pre-eminent newspaper publishers, was tarnished by claims of "yellow journalism" during the Spanish American War. His struggle to maintain his reputation and day to day control of his empire even after he had gone blind - is both tragic and inspiring. Joseph Pulitzer’s New York newspaper, The World, would transform American media and make him wealthy, admired and feared. Throughout his four decades as a reporter and publisher, he created a powerful artistic vehicle that spoke specifically to waves of new immigrants. Towards the end of his life, isolated on his yacht, Pulitzer’s commitment to fearless reporting would be tested by the most powerful person in American life. On December 15th, 1908, President Teddy Roosevelt delivered a scathing indictment of Pulitzer to Congress - accusing the publisher of libel - for claiming that the Panama Canal - amounted to a colonialist overreach built on a $40 million cover-up. Roosevelt threatened Pulitzer with imprisonment. The president proclaimed: “it is high national duty to bring to justice this vilifier of the American people.” The parallel’s to today’s times are uncanny - sobering and disturbing. Pulitzer is an American icon who spoke of “fake news” and of providing opportunities to immigrants over one hundred years ago. While he is remembered for the prizes that bear his name, his own heroic battles in the face of grave illness and Presidential ire have been forgotten, as has the artistry and game changing originality he brought to newspapers. How did Joseph Pulitzer, once a penniless young Jewish immigrant from Hungary, come to challenge a popular president and fight for freedom of the press as essential to our democracy?

Genre: Documentary

Studio: First Run Features

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States Theatrical Limited Release 3/1/2019
United States Theatrical Limited Release 3/8/2019

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