LA Mala Verdad Trailer (2011)



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Description: Bárbara (Ailén Guerrero) is ten years old and lives with her mother, Laura (Analía Couceyro), and her grandpa, Ernesto (Alberto de Mendoza). She spends her days going to school choir practice for the end of the year recital and planning her escape with her friend Matías, eight years old, an irresistible liar and petty thief. Bárbaras behavior at school; her sad looks; the recurrent incident of her peeing on herself when witnessing a violent scene; and her drawings, where she pencils a girl who loses her face gradually; all that makes Sara (Malena Solda), the educational psychologist, and her teacher suspicious. The tension and distance among her family members are evident. Laura has a submissive attitude towards her father and Rodolfo (Carlos Belloso), her boyfriend, who is unemployed and full of debts that he tries to pay off with money from Ernestos bookshop. Bárbara and Matías spend their days planning a crazy escape. The idea is to make a raft on which they will sail out to see towards a nearby island. She also keeps in her old toys trunk the back cover of books, looking for her father who she never met. She only knows he was a writer. Her conversations with Sara begin to reveal her fears and the darkness behind this girls look.

Genre: Drama

Studio: Pensa & Rocca Producciones

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Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
Spain Theatrical Wide Release 4/4/2011
Chile Theatrical Wide Release 11/21/2013

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