Las Acacias Trailer (2011)



Tags: buenos aires, argentina, paraguay, argentine, asuncion

Description: Rubén is a lonely truck driver who has been covering for years the motorway from Asunción del Paraguay to Buenos Aires, carrying wood. However, today's journey will be different. This morning, in a motorway stop near Asunción, Jacinta shows up an hour later to begin a journey by track which is going to take her to Buenos Aires. Wath's more, Rubén finds out at that very moment that little Anahí, who's 8 months old, will travel with them- It is not the best beginning. As kilometres go by, th relationship between Rubén and Jacinta will grow. they will slowly meet and sip into each other's soul. None of them talks much about their lives. None asks much either. It's a few word journey but it is not a silent one.

Genre: Drama

Studio: Festival Films

Rating: Movie Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United Kingdom Theatrical Wide Release 12/2/2011
Spain Theatrical Wide Release 10/14/2011
France Theatrical Wide Release 1/4/2012

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