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Tags: piracy, somalia, somali

Description: Mohamed is your average middle-aged man trying to make ends meet in his homeland: the failed state Somalia. He is one of Somalia's most experienced pirates and engaged to a beautiful girl. However her parents are not happy with his profession and demand he quits piracy. Mohamed's parents are also dissaproving and pressure to quit his job is growing from all sides. Far from the romantic figures of movies and literature, piracy is coming under increasing scrutiny from global forces and communities within Somalia. At the same time his family depends on his income from piracy. Mohamed, sensing the end of an era, must decide if he should risk everything and do one last hijack. Through his eyes a dramatic tale about survival in Somalia unfolds how did Mohamed come to live this brutal and dangerous existence? The Last Hijack is both a feature-length film, combining documentary footage and animation, as well as an online transmedia experience, allowing viewers a unique and original way to explore the story of Somali piracy from different perspectives.

Genre: Documentary

Studio: FilmBuff

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Country Release Type Date
United States Theatrical Limited Release 10/3/2014
United States DVD/Blu-ray Release 5/19/2015
United States On Demand Release 10/14/2014

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