Little Glory Trailer (2011)



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Description: Two young orphans, living in economic hardship, try to survive against the odds in LITTLE GLORY, a heartwarming film about lives torn apart by fate, but held together by the strongest bond of all. When his alcoholic father suddenly dies, nineteen-year-old drop-out Shawn (Bright), decides to step up and raise his little sister, Julie (Blake-Thomas), on his own. Hoping to cash in on his dad’s life insurance policy, Shawn battles his aunt Monica (Astrid Whettnal) for custody of Julie. Unfortunately, providing for a nine-year-old proves harder than he could have imaged. Taking on everyone and everything to keep the two of them together, Shawn discovers just how important it is to be a big brother when your little sister is all you’ve got.

Genre: Drama

Studio: Lightyear Entertainment

Rating: Movie Rating

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