Mercy Christmas Trailer (2017)



Tags: christmas, prison

Description: Michael Briskett crunches numbers on a ledger report in his isolated, windowless office. Down the hall, co-workers enjoy the Christmas party he wasn’t invited to but that’s okay, work is Michael’s life and he wouldn’t dream of being anywhere else. When his boss asks his help with an urgent year-end report that will take the company to another level, Michael is flattered. There’s just one catch – it needs to be done by December 26th forcing Michael to work through Christmas. With no holiday plans, he reluctantly accepts after all, his boss said he’s the only one for the job! When the stack of research binders is delivered by his boss’ beautiful assistant Cindy, Michael is smitten. He invites her to his holiday gathering that weekend and she accepts. Cindy ends up being the only guest to show and the two bond over holiday drinks. Cindy has made a new friend one that her family may just like. She convinces Michael to join her for a few days to celebrate a traditional family Christmas like he’s never done before. While there, a spiked glass of egg-nog lands Michael in the family’s basement with his hands and feet tied and the knowledge that his boss is really Cindy’s evil brother. But he isn’t alone and the others in the room have seen some pretty bloody stuff. Briskett must deliver the year-end report to his boss, or suffer the way those before him have suffered limb by limb. And as the prisoners disappear one by one, the truth becomes clear – Michael must escape this mess or eventually Cindy’s family will be having Briskett for dinner!

Genre: Action-Adventure

Studio: Gravitas Ventures

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States On Demand Release 11/28/2017

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