Psychoanalysis Trailer (2015)



Description: Paul Symmonds (Benedict Wall, Breaker Morant: The Retrial, Pirates of the Airwaves) is the country's leading psychologist in the field of suicide prevention. But when five of his clients take their lives within a week, his sterling reputation is thrown into question. So, the logical response? To hire a documentary crew to follow him around as he searches for answers in PSYCHOANALYSIS, a dark, award-winning mockumentary from first-time director James Raue (who also wrote and produced). Believing that his charges were murdered by rival psychologist, Andrew Fendell (Ryan O'Kane, Save Your Legs, Howzat: Kerry Packer's War), Paul directs the film crew to investigate every clue. To make things worse, Fendell has been put in charge of counseling Symmonds to determine if he's mentally fit. It soon becomes clear, however, that Fendell has no ulterior motives, and he's genuinely worried for Paul. Attuned to good drama, the documentary crew pushes Paul to grow the rivalry. Unfortunately, their quest for a better story comes at the cost of their subject's sanity. And as Symmonds begins to lose his family and everyone close to him, it's the documentarian who must realize the cost of his film and work to repair the damage he has done.

Genre: Comedy

Studio: Candy Factory Films

Rating: Movie Rating

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