Rain Trailer (2009)



Tags: buenos aires

Description: Rain has been intese for the last three days in Buenos Aires. Alma and Roberto have not met yet. Immersed in their own solitude, condemned to helplessness and defenselessness at the mercy of the rain, they survive on their own uncertainties, fears and absences. A few days ago, Alam left the man she lived with for nine years. She has taken to the street with some of her belongings, making her car a temporary home. Roberto has come back to the country after almost thrity years abroad. Here he has nothing, just a father in a coma, with whom he has no relationship, and an apartment that has to be emptied. In the middle of a traffic jam, Alma's car door opens unexpectedly. Roberto gets in. Alma, not knowing exactly why, lets him in, unaware of the fact that this sudden enocounter will modfy the next days.

Genre: Drama

Studio: IFC Films

Rating: Movie Rating

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