Realms Trailer (2018)



Description: It begins with a violent midday bank robbery as Bobby Prospero and his drug addict girlfriend Jewel, escape the chaos with a duffle bag full of cash and two teenage girls, Winny and Earn, who happen to be in the bank at the same time and are taken hostage. Also along is Chaow, a reluctant outcast who has no intention of serving as their getaway driver. but finds he has no choice with a gun at his head. Chaow peels off on the lamb, dodging police and submersing himself into a dark, tragic adventure he must play out till the end. As Bobby grows aggressively more impatient, they choose to duck into an isolated mansion deep in the forest allows and take a break from thier troubles for the duration of the night. But as the night continues to unfold they all begin to believe the mansion holds many more secrets within its mysterious chambers than meets the eye. Every shadow seems to whisper. Every corner appears to shift, and before long, they all begin to hold the others responsible for this eerie situation. A situation that may have been destined to unfold long before the events transpire. A situation fueled by Bobby’s rage, blurred by Jewels drug addiction and scattered by Chaow confusion. A confusion stemming from the reality before them and an unfolding love destined to be damned. In the realm of life there are stages, and for these five characters, those stages are about to collide.

Genre: Horror

Studio: Paramount Pictures

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Country Release Type Date
United States Theatrical Limited Release 9/8/2018
United States On Demand Release 10/9/2018

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