Shock: My Abstraction Of Death Trailer (2014)



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Description: A pair of twisted tales from two filmmakers that are quickly emerging as the next generation of Italian Horror directors. Episode One: Celeste and her husband rent a country house for the holidays. An earthquake recently destroyed part of the small town, and the house seems to have been recently renovated ... but with much haste. Often alone in the house, Celeste begins to experience horrible visions that seem to emerge from the cracks in the walls. As her mind begins to slip away,she continues to see and hear things that can't be explained, especially to her skeptical husband. Episode Two: Yuri and Max have been friends for a lifetime, spending their evenings drinking and discussing their lives. But this particular evening will be their last. The following morning Yuri receives a call from the local hospital where he learns that last night, at the home of Max's home was burglarized and his mother was violently killed. Max, the only survivor of the invasion, finds himself in a state of shock, and without a family. Yuri decides to allow Max to move in with him, at least for the holidays, but Max begins to have horrible visions.

Genre: Thriller

Studio: MVD Entertainment Group

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United States DVD/Blu-ray Release 9/9/2014

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