Surviving Indie Trailer (2016)



Tags: indie game

Description: Surviving Indie is a gaming documentary based around the idea of getting through the day to day challenges of being an independent game developer, in an industry that demands your all while dealing unpredictable and often damning results. In the movie, we focus on the stories and insights of 7 indie game devs, all across a spectrum of those who have conquered failure, and those who are still facing it. Each story told centers in on a key element that a creative can often face, how that person got through it, and what they learned from their experience. These elements tackle topics concerning money, homelessness, success rates, and more. The film features developers like Rami Ismail (Ridiculous Fishing, Nuclear Throne), Kellee Santiago (Journey, Flower, Flow), Jay Tholen (Dropsy, Hypnospace Outlaw), Ryan Zehm (Award Winning VR Developer), Becca Bair Spurgin (Arcadian Atlas), and Richard James Cook (Super Combat Fighter, Pixel Poetry).

Genre: Documentary

Studio: Gamestarr Arts

Rating: Movie Rating

Release Dates:

Country Release Type Date
United States On Demand Release 12/19/2016

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